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Is this how vampires flirt?


How can a story be so disturbing and so compelling all at once? Somehow this author pulls it off once again. I'm a huge fan of her work, and just like her previous works, Penumbra is not for the faint of heart!


- R.J. Westerman, Author of the Rising Ash Series, The Drive, Jennifer


As I read it, I thought "No matter how this ends, the author is going to piss off a lot of people." The choose your own ending was about the only way to avoid that, and it worked for me. I won’t tell you which path I chose. You're going to have to read it yourself.


- C.J. Perry, Author of The Godswar Chronicles


Raw and real and messy. Bravo to the author for creating a very real mental landscape inside of a very constructed world.

- Reader

Officially goes in my bookshelf. I like that it’s right next to Sexing the Cherry. Didn’t know what was going to happen at any turn. Gripping and well written… Felt a little like a candy Victorian novel.


Rancho Viejo

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There's a lot of action packed into the small space. Time travel. Bizarro. There's a good haunting atmosphere here that adds to the complexity of the story. I'd highly recommend this to any horror fan and can't wait to read more.

- Jeremy Simons - Author of Buried Alive, Untold Tale, published in The Horror Zine & Pyschopomp


A powerful and compelling writer. She weaves her story with an effective, convincing, irresistible style. Her mastery of prose kept me turning pages for three hours I didn’t realize had gone by. I recommend Motherhood to those who love a good story. This one is written by an artist.

- Rafael - Author of They Cried Wolf, The Huntsman

Williams pulls no punches, she fully commits to the story. I found myself turning pages, until the book was done - in one sitting. That hasn't happened to me in years. I wish I had the words to describe the journey Williams will take you on.

- C.J. Perry - Author of Dark Communion: Godswar Chronicles Book One



Scared of Motherhood? You should be. The book has twists you don't expect which keep it interesting to the end.


- Wim Verveen – Author of Indexed: The End of Social Media



The most emotionally engaging book I've read in a long time. If that's the kind of read you're looking for, you need to get this.


- Katherine Bryant – Author of Branna’s Song: The Coldwood Saga Book One, Taste So Good, Progress



This is a talented writer and I cannot wait for more. I'm putting Lindsey Williams on my watch list.


- R.G. Westerman – Author of The Rising Ash Series, The Dream Walker Series



The character growth was exceptionally well done and I can't say I didn't learn a thing or two reading "Motherhood" which, in the end, is precisely the point of writing.


- Rob Johnson - Author of Habeus Corpus



The intriguing plot and progressive scenes keep the pages turning. As the author winds her way toward a conclusion, she keeps me guessing how Motherhood can possibly resolve. This skill, alone, earns high marks in my book. My author litmus test is if I would read more of their work. For Lindsey Williams, the answer to that is “you bet”.


­- Lisa Redfern – Author of Haylee and the Traveler’s Stone Trilogy



The plot and action are fantastic. Loved it!


- Bartholomew Aloiscious - Author of Mary Anna’s Journal



A unique, well-written story.


- Laurie Gardiner - Author of Tranquility



Creepy, quick read. Paced well and had a satisfying conclusion.


- David Jones - Author of Children of a Doomed Sun: The Skylance Saga Book One



Bringing Baby Home


There is something wrong with you girl.


- Billy Christian - Author of The Highway in A Journey of Words Anthology



Oh yeah...thts aaawwwsuuum...DISCOVERED ANOTHR NEW WRITER...who rcks hard enuf 2 hurt...MUST READ IF U LIKE IT TWSTD...


- Fan



Fountain of Youth


An interesting piece that's for sure… like Christianity meets mad science…


- Christopher Broom - Author of Through the Eyes of Another



An interesting statement on fanaticism and invasion of other people's bodies because we can. Creepy. 


- Denise Longrie - Author of Always Coming Home



This short story is riveting. Kept my attention and makes me want more!


- Patricia M. Bryce – Author of the Forged Series



A great, suspenseful read with a twist and a satisfying ending. You will not be disappointed.


- A.B. Penner – Author of A Promise, Rising From Ashes

Twisted: A Horror Anthology

What horror is supposed to deliver in my opinion.

- Wim Verveen - Author of Karel en de elementen

The writing is good. It really is. While not what I was hoping it was not the worst thing that I have ever read.

- Deliaria Davis - Author of The Mistress of the Vampires

Definitely delivers on twisted minds doing twisted things.

- K.N. Johnson - Author in A Journey of Words

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