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How can a story be so disturbing and so compelling all at once? Somehow this author pulls it off once again. I'm a huge fan of her work, and just like her previous works, Penumbra is not for the faint of heart!


- R.J. Westerman, Author of the Rising Ash Series, The Drive, Jennifer


An engaging story with a badass heroine. The 'pick-a-path' ending, while unconventional is actually necessary for this book. As I read it, I thought "No matter how this ends, the author is going to piss off a lot of people." The choose your own ending was about the only way to avoid that, and it worked for me. I won’t tell you which path I chose. You're going to have to read it yourself.


- C.J. Perry, Author of The Godswar Chronicles


I enjoyed the story and it flowed nicely…I think that the author, Lindsey, has tackled the complex emotions of rape very well, in order to enhance the storyline, rather than using it purely for shock value. I thought the character development was good and felt connected to Amara, understanding her internal struggle.


- Caroline Centa, Author of Daughter of Hell, published in Stardust, Always: A Charity Anthology for Cancer Research

Raw and real and messy. Bravo to the author for creating a very real mental landscape inside of a very constructed world.

- Reader

Officially goes in my bookshelf. I like that it’s right next to Sexing the Cherry. Didn’t know what was going to happen at any turn. Gripping and well written… Felt a little like a candy Victorian novel.


Rancho Viejo

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There's a lot of action packed into the small space. Time travel. Bizarro. There's a good haunting atmosphere here that adds to the complexity of the story. I'd highly recommend this to any horror fan and can't wait to read more.

- Jeremy Simons - Author of Buried Alive, Untold Tale, published in The Horror Zine & Pyschopomp


A powerful and compelling writer. She weaves her story with an effective, convincing, irresistible style. Her mastery of prose kept me turning pages for three hours I didn’t realize had gone by. I recommend Motherhood to those who love a good story. This one is written by an artist.

- Rafael - Author of They Cried Wolf, The Huntsman

Williams pulls no punches, she fully commits to the story. I found myself turning pages, until the book was done - in one sitting. That hasn't happened to me in years. I wish I had the words to describe the journey Williams will take you on.

- C.J. Perry - Author of Dark Communion: Godswar Chronicles Book One



Scared of Motherhood? You should be. The book has twists you don't expect which keep it interesting to the end.


- Wim Verveen – Author of Indexed: The End of Social Media



The most emotionally engaging book I've read in a long time. If that's the kind of read you're looking for, you need to get this.


- Katherine Bryant – Author of Branna’s Song: The Coldwood Saga Book One, Taste So Good, Progress



This is a talented writer and I cannot wait for more. I'm putting Lindsey Williams on my watch list.


- R.G. Westerman – Author of The Rising Ash Series, The Dream Walker Series



The character growth was exceptionally well done and I can't say I didn't learn a thing or two reading "Motherhood" which, in the end, is precisely the point of writing.


- Rob Johnson - Author of Habeus Corpus



The intriguing plot and progressive scenes keep the pages turning. As the author winds her way toward a conclusion, she keeps me guessing how Motherhood can possibly resolve. This skill, alone, earns high marks in my book. My author litmus test is if I would read more of their work. For Lindsey Williams, the answer to that is “you bet”.


­- Lisa Redfern – Author of Haylee and the Traveler’s Stone Trilogy



The plot and action are fantastic. Loved it!


- Bartholomew Aloiscious - Author of Mary Anna’s Journal



A unique, well-written story.


- Laurie Gardiner - Author of Tranquility



Creepy, quick read. Paced well and had a satisfying conclusion.


- David Jones - Author of Children of a Doomed Sun: The Skylance Saga Book One



Bringing Baby Home


There is something wrong with you girl.


- Billy Christian - Author of The Highway in A Journey of Words Anthology



Oh yeah...thts aaawwwsuuum...DISCOVERED ANOTHR NEW WRITER...who rcks hard enuf 2 hurt...MUST READ IF U LIKE IT TWSTD...


- Fan



Fountain of Youth


An interesting piece that's for sure… like Christianity meets mad science…


- Christopher Broom - Author of Through the Eyes of Another



An interesting statement on fanaticism and invasion of other people's bodies because we can. Creepy. 


- Denise Longrie - Author of Always Coming Home



This short story is riveting. Kept my attention and makes me want more!


- Patricia M. Bryce – Author of the Forged Series



A great, suspenseful read with a twist and a satisfying ending. You will not be disappointed.


- A.B. Penner – Author of A Promise, Rising From Ashes

Twisted: A Horror Anthology

What horror is supposed to deliver in my opinion.

- Wim Verveen - Author of Karel en de elementen

The writing is good. It really is. While not what I was hoping it was not the worst thing that I have ever read.

- Deliaria Davis - Author of The Mistress of the Vampires

Definitely delivers on twisted minds doing twisted things.

- K.N. Johnson - Author in A Journey of Words